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 Using your Rank 20 Professions for the good of the guild

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PostSubject: Using your Rank 20 Professions for the good of the guild   Wed Jan 01, 2014 7:46 pm

If anyone has the ability to assist with crafting purple items, please list what you have in this thread (and maybe even suggest what kind of items you can supply for those who aren't completely familiar with the Profession)

This way, if anyone needs any Purples and you can make them, they can contact you and supply the assets you need to craft them. It should only cost you a little time

This could save some of our members AD since they will just need to supply a few materials rather than pay a premium on the AH.

If you are happy and able to help, it would be greatly appreciated.

TIP: To get an extra Profession slot, you need to do a mass gathering task of any type with 4x Masters of the profession. This can run to 300K AD if you need to buy them, but they hold their value and can be sold on again after you use them. Keep an eye on the AH and if you buy at the right time you can make pretty good money doing this. I just sold the 4 I bought for a 40K profit.
Please list:

List of Relevant Purple assets
Optional: Suggestions of common Purple crafting tasks (e.g Purple Shirt/Pants for TR)



My current problem, no purple assets so I can't craft the really good stuff yet. I can upgrade GWF & DC epic gear , so if you want anything upgrading before you bind it to yourself send it over and I will see what I can do. It takes 2 days to upgrade. Personally, I haven't wanted to be without my gear for that long so I haven't done it yet. It only adds a few points to each stat, but it all helps Smile

If anyone is levelling a GWF or CW, I can happily help with gear as you go.. Mail me in game and ask for anything you need Smile

I will work on getting some Purple crafting mats asap, but they are expensive and I am still gearing up :/

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PostSubject: Skarr's Professions   Wed Jan 01, 2014 8:36 pm

Excellent idea Thunder!  Here's what I have so far:

SkarrLorn Ralyt (TR)   Lvl 20 Artificer
able to make purple icons, talismans, etc..

Skarrlorn (GF)           Lvl 19+ Platesmith  - should be 20 in a few days
once he hits 20, will be able to make the purple gemmed pants & shirt for GFs', as well as any purple plate items (helms, armor, boots, shields, etc..)

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PostSubject: Re: Using your Rank 20 Professions for the good of the guild   Sat Jan 11, 2014 1:11 am

I don't have any rank 20 professions yet, but I am up to level 16 with mailsmithing and 14 with leatherworking on two different toons and rapidly skilling up. I am working on other skills too but they are not particularly noteworthy yet.

I am glad to craft shirts and pants up to level 40 for clerics, great weapon fighters, hunters or rogues if you ask me.

I also have a set of 4 master artificers which I would be happy to loan out to people to let them unlock an additional profession slot as long as they are promptly returned.

The toons are:
Mikal Hawklight@mdecuir: 16 mailsmithing
Quinn Loyalar@mdecuir: 14 leatherworking
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PostSubject: Re: Using your Rank 20 Professions for the good of the guild   

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Using your Rank 20 Professions for the good of the guild
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