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Welcome to the Fright Knight's Guild website! Please respect fellow guild mates.
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 Guild SOPs (Suggested Operating Procedures)

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PostSubject: Guild SOPs (Suggested Operating Procedures)   Fri Jan 10, 2014 11:38 pm


 Some of us thought it may be useful to post a few FrightKnights SOPs so we can refer to them as needed in guild runs / groups.  You can choose to run with them or not if you are leading the group, but if you run in my groups, I will expect them.

- AFK:  When you go AFK, it would be helpful if you used the /sit command in so we can visually see when you are gone, and then when you return (just un-sit).

- TeamSpeak:  Perhaps my typing skills suxors, but talking in guild groups is soooo much easier than having to type / coordinate things thru in-game chat.  If you need assistance in getting TS working, please ask in /guild chat.

- Profession resource nodes:  The class who gets a free swipe at the node should be given primary 'dibs' on the node (If there are more than one of that class, then they can take turns).  If none of that class is in group, then it reverts back to a free for all.  

As we come up with more of these, I will edit the post.

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Guild SOPs (Suggested Operating Procedures)
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